viernes, 16 de mayo de 2008


Black Princess - female 5years
Cambu Sundari as winner (BIS) of Estonian TMs specialty under judgeing of TM´s specialist Kristi Sherling (USA)
Cambu Sundari (Senge x Rewa) - 2years
Fawara Sundari (head shot) - 15months
Fawara Sundari (Rewa x Charlie) 15 months
GONGGA Sundari (Cambu Sundari x Bangha Sundari) - 4 months
Gyalwa Sundari - (Cambu Sundari x Bangha Sundari) 4 months

Hi friends,
regards from Czech!I can read known names on blog ( hallo to them!) and for others,here is my short introduction:
name of my kennel is Sundari and we are just keeping 11 Tibetan Mastiffs + other 3 TMs are in co-ownership with my friends.To introduce all my dogs would be looooong elaborate,you can find details about majority of them on my website:
I try introduce some dogs from youngest generations of Sundari TMs.
This winter was born here "G" litter.(parents : Cambu Sundari x Bangha Sundari).Just this litter is very prized by me,becouse "blood" of my great Senge returned again home to Sundari and I can enjoy with his grandchildren now.

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ferran b dijo...

Fantastics dogs Jarmila. Very thanks for your intervention.

Misa dijo...

Vasi psi jsou jedinecni blahopreji k vrhu G. Stenatka jsou kouzelna. Obdivovatelka Misa z Malagy.

ferran b dijo...

Misa comment from Malaga (translation to english):

"Your dogs are stunning,congrats to "G" litter.Puppies are amazing.Admirer Misa from Malaga"

Misa dijo...

Gracias por la traduccion. Misa

MariaCristina dijo...

Hi Jarmila!
I love all your dogs and I think your last litter is great!
Fawara is growing bigger and bigger, he is marvellous!
I have also seen Popay's puppies (Popay x Manibhadra, Tseepo kennel) and all them are very heavy and strong-headed!
In some years I hope to have one of your stunning females in my house!

Maria Cristina