lunes, 8 de septiembre de 2008


Thanks for photos of Dharma!
Also it is nice to see Despa!
What is it with Spanish dogs that they LOVE water???? None of my TMs like water!:-(
The last 2 weeks we where at shows the past weekend was a CACIB show we took Buddha- brother to Dharma- and Basha- mother to Despa.
Buddah got CAC, CACIB and BOS and Basha got CAC , CACIB and BOB !
This weekend we had a CAC show.
We took the youngsters as well.
Szamar got Best male Puppy, Donno got Best Female Puppy and Best Puppy of breed-littermates to Despa.
Tsering ( Bohemia Sirague Reyscha) just made it into Junior Class and she did very well get CAJC, and Best Junior of breed.
Buddha got CAC and BOB, Basha got CAC and BOS.:-)
I will try to attache some photos I hope it works...
From CACIB Show:


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